Saturday, November 13, 2010


Haven't had a lot of time to cook these past fews days, as I've been finishing off my portfolios.... and has a little accident yesterday.
I was coming up the front steps of my house (carrying a box of alcohol and stuff for a party we had here last night for a friends 30th) and one foot slipped, the box pulled me over... and my right leg landed on the sharp tiled corner of a step.... and it punctured down to the bone. And my left leg hit the edge of the tile.. and I have this MASSIVE bruise/lump on my leg.
So yesterday involved several hours at the accident and emergency.... etc. Anyway...... it's a rather large puncture wound (triangular... the scar is going to be interesting) that goes down to the bone......
Limping on two legs is hard.



  1. Yikes!

    Are you recovering from your injuries?

  2. Jen - yes. Both legs are a lot better. The one that got the puncture hole in it isn't fully healed yet... but it's heaps better. I was lucky in that it didn't get infected.. the antibiotics did their job.