Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Homes Tour 2011

Once again, thatnks to Jen for organising this 'event' - I love having a peak into everyone elses Christmas world..... it's my favourite time of year afterall!!!
So Jen, thank you. I know it's more work than you probably intended for it to me, but we all do really appreciate it! It certainly spreads around a little bit of Christmas cheer.

So, on with the show.
Christmas 2011 - not that different from Christmas 2010.
(Warning: VERY picture heavy - I had a hard time deciding on pictures!!)

The pictures aren't... brilliant quality. Due to using my phone camera, to the lighting, to rushing around trying to get pictures.....

 My advent wreath - it's missing the greenery that is kind of required for the symbolism of new life... but it has the right candles, in the right colours, and I've been lighting it... so I think that that is what is important. I love having this lit at night. I love the ceremony of lighting a new candle every Sunday of advent... I'm looking forward to lighting the Christ Candle on Christmas Day.

These are the same candles as last year, but the Robin in the middle was a gift from one of my students. He's adorable!!
 Up close, and very dark photo of the Robin.

I'm from the family of 'put lights on everything that stands still'.... I love stringing lights around indoor trees at Christmas. It doesn't matter if they're not the Christmas tree - but wouldn't this make a delightful one!!!! (If only those leaves would hold decorations.)

The tree - it's a bit... skinny this year, but unfortunatly, there wasn't an awful lot to choose from!!! I do like it's height though.

 Bad Santa - also a gift, not from a student though!!!! When you squeeze his hand he makes rude comments. I jsut hung him on a picture hook that was there - I took a picture off the wall as I didn't want the tree to ruin it!

Again... light up every tree you can. Luckily, there was a lights sale on at a local budget store!

Please ignore the masses of cabling in the background!

 The tree from a different angle, and my sister, comfy on the couch and over for a movie night.

 Nativity 1: I love this one. The candle is in place of Jesus, who will be put out on Christmas Eve.

 Nativity 2

 My vase of ornaments.

  Nativity 3

 The cards. It's a trerrible photo. But what you can't see is that the strings go all the way around the glass railing, so there's cards on both sides. I've also added strings down the stairs again this year, so there's now cards hanging down there too.

 My only kitchen Christmas decorations this year - the oven mit, and a red teatowel.

 The old door wreath, around a potted plant, and next to it, a star candle.

 Front door

 The outdoor lights this year. The colourful ones took some getting up... and are plugged in upstairs, and then hung out through a window. The ones wrapped around the post are solar lights - so much easier!!!
One last look at the tree. The gifts are starting to pile up under there!

One last bit of Christmas cheer - you can tell it's summer - look at those summery clothes! (though, not as hot as it has been in the past.. it's been a slow lead up to summer this year.)
We were having a bit of fun in the shops the other day. I promise they were having fun... even if they look utterly miserable in this pic!

Holiday Homes Tour

Sorry!!! The post is on it's way... typing it up and popping in photos as I speak......