Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Apologies, a Reminder and some more Reverb10

This is a cooking blog. Opps.
I've been a little lazy in terms of actually photographing anything I've made recently. In my defense, my parents arrived from France late last week, and it has all been a bit hectic since. I have made some lovely things.... a yummy Seasame Chicken Stir Fry the other night, and last night was Kung Pao Broccoli with Chinese 5 Spice Beef.

December 21 – Future Self. Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead?

Relax. Nothing is so important that you stress yourself out over it. Take time to stop and think. Slow down.

We're 3 days away from Christmas here in NZ.... oh the benefits of being in the future..... and it's hectic out there. I went out this morning to get some new summer shorts, and it was insane. And I got to the mall as it opened in order to beat the crowds. People tend to forget at this time of year what it's really about. It's not about the presents (as much as I love them) - the purpose behind the presents is to show our love, not to buy as much as we can and bankrupt ourselves in the process.
It's not about drinking, or rushing, or going from one party to another.
Christmas is about family and friends. It's about relaxing and having fun. It's joy and laughter and a time to reflect. But most of all, it's about something else. Something that people often forget..... It's about the birth of Jesus. Christmas, would not be Christmas without Christ. Remember that.

And now? I bring you the most insanely cute, adorable and sweet video ever made:
(The nativity redone by St Pauls in Auckland City.... SO CUTE.)

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  1. hihihi thanks for delurking! hope you had a lovely christmas and all the best in 2011!