Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'll start off by introducing myself.
I'm Cate: a 27 year old New Zealand primary school teacher. I started my adult working life in the Hospitality Industry (after completely a Diploma in Hospitality Management)... turns out, it's not all it's cracked up to be..... and I REALLY wasn't enjoying working in that industry. I've found my true place in life, in teaching. I love it.
BUT.... I also love cooking. (Enough to consider opening up my own place one day... in the distant future.)
So I teach all day, and then I come home and cook. And bake. I spend my weekends trying out new recipes, and my holidays absorbed in the more complicated, time consuming things that don't fit in during term time.
I'm not sure how brilliant I'm going to be at updating this often... hell, I'm not even sure how brilliant I'm going to be at writing, fullstop.
I'm not all that comfortable with the idea of eating out at places and taking photos of the food..... but I'm going to try my darndest to remember to take photos of what I'm cooking...... which is what I'm good at. (And on a teachers salary, I can't really afford to eat out anyway.)

So sit back.... and hopefully you'll enjoy the ride.

- Cate

P.S. - The title? Along with cracking me up, it's also a bit of a thing for me... cooking is my therapy. Really. There have been times when the freezer has been chock-a-clock full of pasta sauce, because I'm that stressed that I need to cook... and cook... and cook. So Keep Calm, and Carry On Cooking is my motto.

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