Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bonus Recipe: Sundowner Cocktails

What better way to end a hot, summery long weekend, than with cocktails inthe evening sun with friends?

A friend of mine taught me something new this weekend. Apparently if you drink anything alcoholic on a boat in the evening, it's called a sundowner. So I thought 'why not invent a drink that is specifically called a Sundowner?'

(Makes 1 wine bottles worth of mix - to dilute with sprite)

2 shots (90ml) of Malibu
2 shots of Vodka (42 Below!!)
100 ml of ginger beer (pref. Bunderburg)
a couple of dashes of lime juice
Fill the bottle to the tippy top with Passionfruit and Mandarin Just Juice (or any other juice of choice... try to keep it tropical though!)

Sprite to top up glasses
Strawberries and paper umbrellas for decoration

Optional: I chucked in some fresh coconut milk out of a newly opened coconut - simply because I had it, having made coconut ice cream earlier that day

Basically, I had a few empty, thoroughly washed out, de-labeled wine bottles... and I chucked everything in them, minus the sprite. Give them a good shake... or stir if you're using a jug, and then pour into glasses. I'd say fill them to about 3/4 fill, or just over, and then top up with sprite.
Leave room for ice if it's hot out, and a bit of room for 1/4'd strawberries.
I chucked a few of the berries onto the stick of the umbrella just so that it'd balance.


(This drink isn't intended to be a highly alcoholic drink...... use your judgement. If you want it stronger, up the alcohol measurement.... but it's supposed to be a summery cocktail shared with friends. A wine bottles worth should fill about 5-6 glasses (when they're topped up with sprite) so that's not a lot of alcohol split among you all.... unless it's jsut you drinking it... but even then..)

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